Capture purchases by scanning

Capturez vos achats en scannant Placez les produits avec un code-barres ou un code QR dans le champ de la caméra, et l'application reconnaîtra rapidement le produit


Check your inventory

Always know your stock


Summary record of all sales made

Know when the transactions happen instantly wherever you are.


Grow your business

Manage your shop and improve your performance.

Our Colaborators



German company which provides a digital solution for the manual and extensive bookkeeping.
With KEEPA app we managed to simplify the process of inventory management and sales recording. These tools will provide the shop owners with transparency and the employees with sale support.

Our Team


Phillipp Leitlein

Project leader and coordinator, finance teacher, dynamic and energetic person.


chief technology officer

Augustin Harter​

Director of the technology department, curious and adaptable to challenges.



Francisca Urrea

Creative director, UI, empathetic person, nature and handcraft lover.



Zunair Shahid

Responsible for the front and backend development, family person and cricket fan.

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Frequent Questions

Keepa is a startup from Germany that is receiving funding from the German government and the European Union for its innovative approach to digitize the book keeping of small and medium enterprises.

No. Any Android and iOS device can run the app.

Yes, there is a web version. Just type app.keepa.store in your browser.

No. Every shop can use KEEPA to record their sales and manage their inventory. Though certain shop types will in particular benefit from the app, such as grocery shops, pharmacies and any other shop that sells products with bar- and QR coding. Though even shops without standardized products can benefit from our innovative approach and use the visual scan. This comes in handy particularly for fruits and vegetables.

Yes, even restaurants can use the app and in particular profit from our special function that allows users to convert their inventory into a menu which they can then share via QR code with their customers.

While the basic version is available all around the globe, the version with premium functions is only available in the following countries currently: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, South Africa with many more to come soon.

  • The monthly subscription to access all premium functions varies slightly from country to country but is approximately about $ 5 per month. 

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